Jake and Susan

The Story of EVnSteven

an EV trickle-charge tracker app

Once upon a time, there was a trustworthy and proud new EV owner named Jake and a friendly property manager named Susan. Jake wanted to trickle-charge his EV using the common area electrical outlet next to his parking stall. However, Susan didn't have the budget to pay for the cost of installing a metered charging station. Wanting to help Jake, Susan suggested they install EVnSteven. Thanks to this one simple app, they both lived happily ever after 💚💚

One simple app :

✅ Tracks Jake's EV charging sessions.

✅ Sends a bill from Susan to Jake every month.

✅ Saves Susan thousands on electrical upgrades.

✅ Costs nothing for Susan, and mere pennies for Jake.

"It sounds like 'Even Steven' to me!"

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Features & Benefits

Discover the Top 22 Features and Benefits of EVnSteven.

#1 Entirely Software Based

Saves potentially thousands of dollars in hardware upgrades, service fees, network fees, and maintenance.

#2 For Unmetered Outlets (L1 & L2)

Allows regular outlets to be used without modification, so drivers can begin charging immediately.

#3 Easy Check-in & Check-out (QR Code, NFC, or Manual)

Simplifies the process for users, providing a hassle-free experience.

#4 Time-of-use Rates for Peak & Off-Peak Electricity

Encourages energy use during off-peak hours, lowering costs and improving energy efficiency.

#5 Privacy Centric

Enhances user trust and security by prioritizing data protection.

#6 Easy Onboarding & Demo Mode

Facilitates quick start for new users, increasing adoption rates and revenue for property managers.

#7 Automatic Bill Generation

Simplifies billing, reducing administrative burden for property owners and users.

#8 No Payment Processing Fees

Who doesn't want to spend less on middlemen?

#9 Checkout Reminders & In-App Notifications

Improves charging etiquette and maximizes multi-user station revenue.

#10 Quick & Easy Setup

Allows users and property owners to start using the system immediately.

#11 Friendly Support Welcomed Feedback

Enhances user experience and satisfaction, and helps improve the service.

#12 Local Currencies $ € £ ¥ ₹ ...

Supports global currencies, making the system accessible worldwide. Translations coming soon.

#13 New Revenue Stream for Property Owners

Increases property value and revenue, providing funds for future EV charging improvements.

#14 Tokenized User-Pay-per-Use Model

Makes the system more affordable than any other option on the market.

#15 Live Station Status

Provides real-time information on station availability, reducing wait times, improving user experience, and maximizing honesty.

#16 Instant Printing of Station Signage

Simplifies station identification, increasing station usage and revenue. Immediate setup.

#17 One Tap Sign-in with Google

Simplifies the login process, eliminating the need for passwords.

#18 One Tap Sign-in with Apple

Trivializes the login process, with Apple-level security.

#19 Engineered to Scale Highly Secure & Reliable

Supports large numbers of users and stations, ensuring the system remains stable, secure, and economically viable.

#20 Dark & Light Modes with Large Readable Text

Makes the screen easy to read, day or night.

#21 Estimated Power Consumption

Provides deeper insight into EV energy usage, informing future decisions on infrastructure improvements.

#22 Continuous Development & Feature Updates

Ensures the system remains up-to-date and competitive, providing users with the latest features and improvements.

How much does it cost?

With EVnSteven, there are no monthly subscriptions and no hidden fees. The app is free to download on both iOS and Android, providing residents with easy access to a network of registered standard electrical outlets in their building’s garage.

Property managers benefit greatly from using EVnSteven, as they can leverage their existing electrical outlets without the need to invest in costly metered stations. This not only reduces installation costs but also simplifies the management of EV charging capabilities. Property managers have the ability to register these outlets as designated trickle-charge points, manage billing, and create station signage directly through the app.

Residents receive 10 free tokens upon signing up, which can be used to initiate charging sessions. Additional tokens can be purchased within the app in packages of 5, 15, or 30, each priced currently at $0.12. Residents can favorite the stations they regularly use to streamline their charging experience. Overnight charging at these stations can provide up to 50km of range, making it convenient for daily commutes.

It’s important for building managers and residents to consult a licensed electrician to ensure that their electrical outlets are capable of handling EV charging safely and efficiently. This step ensures that the infrastructure is suitable and safe for its intended use.

By joining EVnSteven, you become part of a community that values smart, efficient, and trusted charging solutions at the lowest possible cost. The user-friendly app ensures you’re never far from a charge, making electric vehicle ownership simple and convenient.

Ready to Charge?

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